Emilio Nadal

Emilio Nadal Lawyer


Emilio has been involved in three rewarding professional experiences, each one of them has shaped Emilio into what he is today. An advisor committed to business and economic growth. He has been employee of EY (where he received the multisciplinary vision that he has), formed his first law firm (business management) and finally General Counsel plus Head of Tax of a hotel chain (wich has given to him the opportunity to become a specialist in international planning).

Emilio can be outlined with his dedication to the subjects he manages, making them as he is a strong defender of the personalized care of the client’s issues.

Emilio has a Degree in Law obtained by the University of Barcelona (1998) and Master of Companies Law by the University of Navarra, getting the Cum Laude mention during the 1998-1999 promotion.

Emilio’s focus is more faced on the international advice, but also with other national aspects of the law that can require a company.

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