Nadal Beltran is a law firm which specialises in advising enterprises (in the broad sense of the word) and in specific the M&A of companies and those that have international structures

Our relation with our clients is based upon:

Our focus is to always look for the most adequate solution to any case, aiming to attend to the needs of our clients with a personalised approach based on the situation at hand. We are a boutique law firm meaning that you will always be in contact with one of the two partners

The mutual trust, honesty and transparency practiced daily, along with the strict compliance with professional deontology rules, guaranteeing at all times, an ethical and confidential service

We are a local firm with an international vocation made up of a team of professionals who specialise in corporate business law, civil and fiscal, in order to offer our clients a comprehensive, quality legal service

We work in Spanish, English and Catalan