Corporate and tax advice

Corporate and tax advice

  • We advice you with the day to day corporate issues of your company: call and assistance to the general shareholders meetings and board of directors, share capital increases (or decrease) deeds, by law amendments, advice on corporate governance, …. We can assist you being non member secretary of the Board of Directors.
  • We advise you on day-to-day corporate matters: call and assistance to general meetings, boards of directors, deeds to increase / reduce capital, by laws amendments, advice on corporate governance…). We can assist or act as non-director secretaries of the Board of Directors.
  • Shareholders agreements.
  • Ordinary day to day agreements of the company (distribution, services, license, purchases…) as well as extraordinary ones (joint ventures, temporary company unions, lease of industry …).
  • Taxation of companies and in particular family companies and family offices.
  • Taxation of individuals and hight net worth individuals and executives: personal income tax (IRPF), non resident income tax (IRNR), corporate income tax (IS), wealth tax (IP) and information obligations towards the Tax Administration./li>
  • Inheritance and donation taxation. Inheritance in life donations. Tax procedures. Local taxes like transfer tax (ITPAJD) as well as municipality taxes (Plusvalía) and real estate local tax (IBI).
  • Change of residency tax aspects

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